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                  How to Do External Hard Drive Recovery after Failure

                  Imagine you???ve spent the entire night downloading the latest movie series and plan to spend your weekend enjoying every bit of it. So you switch on your laptop in the morning, but wait a second, nothing happens. The lights turn on but after that nothing. No boot screen, no sounds! Repeated attempts to turn the laptop on too don???t prove ... Read More »

                  The Best Phone You’ve Never Heard Of (2015)

                  With rapid advances in technology, the mobile communication is increasingly getting visual with each passing year. From teens to youngsters, and from middle age men to elderlies, people from different age groups have found a new way of expressing themselves in high-quality videos and photos. Read More »

                  Gonna be laid off, but I still need my Broadband service!

                  I recently got the dreaded announcement that my place of employment is planning to shut down early 2010. After about a week of shock and disappointment, I started looking at the?? things I need to do to prepare. Of coarse that includes getting rid of bills that I don’t necessarily need to have, or could do without. As I go ... Read More »

                  I dont want to Waggle!!!

                  As you know, the new ??úold??ù e3 is going on this week and as I watch the press conferences and read through all of the information and announcements made by the 3 console makers, I see something that I just don???t like. WAGGLE! What is waggle you say? well its the term many use for the Nintendo Wii???s method of ... Read More »

                  A simple word counting tool

                  Sometimes when you are doing a little writing???whether its for school or some other project, you need to count the words you are writing. You can write up what you are writing then go back and count each word yourself. If you are using Microsoft Word or any similar text editor you the counting is done for you. Most blogging ... Read More »

                  A few FREE Useful apps for your Blackberry Smartphone

                  Now that I have a Blackberry Bold, Ive been looking for apps and games to put on it. yea coming from the iPhone, where there are a ton of apps at your fingertips, there has to be a little bit of a search and research effort for things to put on your blackberry but I have found a few apps/games ... Read More »

                  Sci Fi channel name change?

                  When I first heard this I thought it was a joke. The Sci Fi channel is changing its name to???. SyFy. pronounced the same way but spelled different. There is even going to be a new logo associated with the name change (will happen in July). According to Cnet, looks like the name change is all about wanting to trademark ... Read More »

                  The 1up show is now on Revision 3 as COOP

                  Now that EGM-1up.com is gone???.well 1up.com has been bought by UGO, a lot of the talent and writers have been spread out, some shows (podcasts) have been axed, some have been changed, some of the people that we are use to listening too on the various 1up podcast are off doing other things. One show that I liked but didnt ... Read More »

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